Opera Roses

Opera Roses was born from the intuition that there is no winery specialized in the enhancement of still rosè, in italy it’s considered as an accessory wine compared to the most popular reds, whites and sparkling wines.

To give shape and concreteness to this intuition were 2 young brothers winegrowers of Valtenesi Naike and Nathan Bertola with their 7,5 ha of vineyard. They have decided to enanche this excellence by giving life to the first winery, in Italy, specialized exclusively in the art and science of production of still Rosè.

An ambitious and unique project that wants to make Opera Roses the Italian reference for Rose wines.

Starting from the cultivation of the 4 traditional grape variety of Valtènesi, they have been able to combine the tradition of the territory with oenological innovation, creating 4 versions of Rosè with well-defined identities.

The rosé of Lake Garda

Rosé della Valtenesi, also known as “one night’s wine” due to its particular production method, is a modern, versatile and drinkable wine.

On the nose, the Chiaretto del Lago di Garda is intense, floral, fruity, while on the palate it is fresh, soft, savory and dry.

Young and vivacious wine par excellence, it is perfect both for an aperitif and combined with almost all recipes of Italian and international cuisine.

The Territory

Since 200 years Valtènesi, on the west shore of Lake Garda, it’s the best place in Italy for the production of Rosè.

Light soils of glacial origin that represent the unique value of biodiversity with about 67 types of soils.

The varieties that grow on these lands feed on the sunlight that rises in the east from the very first instant of dawn.

Combined with a Mediterranean microclimate, light makes grapes grow from which a elegant, silky and luminous Rosé is produced.