"Wine gives courage and makes men more apt for passion”

28,00€ per person

I invite you to open your heart, to explore your senses, to relax your mind.
I encourage you to strip yourself of your patterns of prejudice and grasp the countless nuances of existence.
Padenghe sul Garda, once the dwelling of ancient Gods and poets of love, is renewed as the land of light and beauty. 
The mountain breeze cradling the lemon and olive trees, the sun from Mount Baldo shining the Valtenesi silvery woods and the lake emerald waters symbolise a spiritual oasis for those who experience the “Mediterranean between the Alps”.
Wine tasting? No, Pink Experience!
Are you a daredevil?
We will discover a new way of conceiving and experiencing Garda rosé wines, tasting four pink wines, each one an expression of the identities and peculiarities of Valtenesi terroir:
  • The carefree OPERA (vintage 2021)
  • The mysterious CHLOE’ (vintage 2021)
  • The fiery EVELYN (vintage 2021)
  • The sumptuous ROCCO (vintage 2020)
But it doesnt end here… after drinking the wines you will be warmly welcomed by Opera Roses two rising stars: the spirit OPERA GIN and the vermouth BALLERINA VERMOUTH ROSA, both strictly pink” (well, are we the specialists of pink wine or not?).
This enosensorial experience of the 6 above-mentioned products will be accompanied by a delicious platter of 0 distance local delights, carefully selected by our chef to enhance the taste of the wines in combination.
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